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Certified Bio since 2011

Certified Bio since 2011

July 2016, Makaya Chocolate takes its name from the majestic culmination of our proud massif de la Hotte.

A meeting with the planters of the North, precisely those of the cooperative FECCANO, generated the innovative idea to offer our land its first chocolate factory. In addition, adding value to the cocoa produced by more than 3,600 farmers was more than an imperative.


The transition from a pivotal idea to concrete was made during the installation of a laboratory in Delmas. The chocolate factory is taking its first steps in September 2016, at the Village Gourmand de Goûts et Saveurs.


From her first selection of cocoa, through her first roasting until her first production, she has amazed more than one on this day.


Today, Makaya Chocolat celebrates with elegance and pride its third spring. Its products, result of an excessive creativity, have a considerable contribution on the agricultural production of Haiti.


Indeed, the cocoa from which they are derived comes from the terroir. What’s more, the value of this agricultural commodity was starting to crumble.

In addition to advocating the consumption of local products, Makaya Chocolat is inflexible when it comes to its production 100% organic.


The chocolate factory places on the palate of its consumers an edible work of art, without preservatives, nor of artificial colors, under punctilious sanitary conditions.


Makaya Chocolat is a pioneer in the field that has chosen it, asserts itself by making the pride of the terroir and imposes itself in this coveted environment of the Europeans. If promoting culture is a duty for the sons and daughters of this country, Makaya Chocolat has responded with dignity to this commitment.


Moreover, his participation in various cultural activities such as Tastes and Flavors and Zen Haiti, testifies.


Makaya Chocolate is more than a factory of the precious chocolate confectionery. A whole life story is hiding behind each tablet, each dragee, each praline.

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