Chocolate Lounge /A Wonderful Timeto enjoy

 We love creating an emotional experience for our guests, centered on chocolate and community. Filled with all manner of delicious desserts and creative confections, there really is something for everyone:


Makaya Chocolate Lounge enables you to step into a world of wonderful smell, taste, and combined flavors with diverse blending as you are enjoying the company of nice people in a peaceful atmosphere of joy.


It’s an emotional experience filled with delicious fine chocolate, artisan truffles, desserts, and a nice menu of tasty drinking chocolates. 



All of the chocolate we use for our products is made by us, in Makaya Chocolat Laboratory Chocolate.

At this irresistible destination, all our products are purely organic, hand-crafted, in a beautiful and sophisticated fashion that gives the perfect combination of devoted art and profound chocolate flavors. 

Reserve your table today and take yourself into an unforgettable journey. 

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    Make Your Easter Basket Extra Special with our Handcrafted Chocolates.