Chocolate Catering /For lovers ofchocolate

Chocolate to satisfy all your senses

Taste the flavors of artisan gourmet chocolate, its artistry, and its fineness in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.


Makaya Chocolate is chocolate encompassed by art, elegance, and quality. Each bite tells a story that starts with the delicate selection of precious beans most prized on the world market.

With its 100% Organic edible work of art, as you rub Makaya Chocolate through your fingers and smell its aromas, it will touch your inner senses of taste and expose you to a world of an unforgettable experience.

Chocolate Catering..Special and Memorable

The dedicated Chocolate Master Ralph Leroy has created tempting noble recipes to take you into this wonderful journey with ultimate indulgence. In his Chocolate Catering you are able to explore amuse your senses of smell and taste in a welcoming atmosphere with your friends and loved ones.

Book a table and come to explore.

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    Give Mom the Gift of Artistry and Quality Chocolate this Mother’s Day.