How Hot Chocolate Brings Everyone Together

Makaya 100% hot chocolate. Credit Photo: Carla Beauvais

Makaya 100% hot chocolate.
Credit Photo: Carla Beauvais

It was cold outside, the kind of cold that penetrated deep through layers of clothing, stinging with insistent attention. Shuffling through the snow and ice, it seems like an eternity to make it home.


Thoughts of the warm, heated air melting the frigid winter weather away dance in your head as you attempt to move faster. The ice and snow have other plans, causing you to slip and slide all along.


Even though it will feel wonderful to get inside where it’s warm, peel off those layers and stand in front of that roaring fireplace, there’s something else missing to make things complete.



Nothing does it quite like hot chocolate.

In fact, when the whole family finally gets home, the only way to beat the blustery weather and warm up from within is with a mug of rich hot chocolate. It really brings everyone closer together.


But before you try to bring everyone inner warmth in a chocolatey way, just remember that the powdered stuff isn’t quite as good. Hot chocolate should be made with real chocolate.



Melting that chocolate in milk gently warms it up, allowing it to integrate into a creamy, dreamy beverage that everyone can enjoy. The sweet fragrance of chocolate permeates the air, and suddenly, your bad day is merely a memory.


Instead, you’ll be creating memories of happier times. As you sip your hot chocolate with your family, perhaps remember how magical it felt to you as a child. Now your own children can feel the same.


100% Cocoa by “Makaya Chocolat” makes it even easier to bring the warmth, delight, and magic of hot chocolate into your home. Soothe yourself on those chilly nights gathered together around the fire. Dare to sit around your fire pit and marvel at the stars, then come back inside to make another cup.


It couldn’t be easier to bring joy, or to make a lifetime of happy memories that will all come back with every sip of real hot chocolate made from 20g half balls to make for easy preparation. Now you’ll know the secret of bringing the ones you love closer together.

Makaya Chocolat - 100% cocoa. Excellent for Hot chocolate, desert and/or cooking

Makaya Chocolat – 100% cocoa. Excellent for Hot chocolate, desert and/or cooking

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