How to make Makaya “Hot Chocolate”

How to make Makaya “Hot Chocolate”


Follow the instructions with the ingredients and you are gooood to goooo!

Cheers and remember to enjoy it with a big smile.


Makaya Chocolat 100% Cocoa

Makaya Chocolat 100% Cocoa.
Credit Photo: Kenly Metellus


40 g of Makaya dark chocolate 100% (2 semi balls)
1 cup of water
1 cup of milk (any of your choice)
3 large spoonful of sugar
Cinnamon, star anise
1 pinch of salt
1 large spoonful of vanilla



Boil the water with cinnamon, star anise and a pinch of salt.
Add 2 semi balls of chocolate and let it melt while stirring with a spoon.
Add the milk, reduce to a skim consistency.
Finally, put the vanilla spoon, turn off the heat and serve it with a
big smile.





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