90% Dark Chocolate


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Makaya Chocolat – 90% Dark Chocolate is a bar of chocolate encompassed by art, elegance, and quality. It has no additives, no preservatives. Each bite tells a story that starts with the delicate selection of precious beans most prized on the world market.
For each taste, it will take you back to the Pic Makaya, which has the highest altitude in the Caribbean, where the chocolate beans grow in the best soil and climate.

  • PURE DARK CHOCOLATE: Makaya Chocolat Bar is an Organic Bio chocolate that is excellently pure and fermented.
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: To ensure you have the purity of flavor for your enjoyment, Makaya Chocolate has no additives, nor preservatives.
    As you rub Makaya Chocolate through your fingers and smell its aromas, with its 100% Organic edible work of art, it will touch your inner senses of taste, and expose you to a world of an unforgettable experience.
  • PROMOTING TRADE AND ADVOCACY: As the Official Chocolate Laboratory that originates from Pic Makaya in the Caribbean, Makaya Chocolate promotes the value of this agricultural commodity and the support of its dedicated farmers that produce the Makaya Cocoa Beans well known for its excellent organic purity and diverse flavor.
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    Give Mom the Gift of Artistry and Quality Chocolate this Mother’s Day.

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